Here are the questions we are asked most often.

questions last updated July 15, 2019


How can I book a stay?

Please go to the Airbnb listings to book a stay:

Explorer's Cottage:

Raspberry Cottage: 


Potential guests are always welcome to schedule an appointment to visit either or both cottages before booking a stay. Please either send an email to or please send me a message through one of the Airbnb listings posted above to schedule an appointment and walk-through. The cottage team is happy to accommodate tours!

May I host an EVENT at Explorer’s cottage or Raspberry Cottage?

It is an honor that anyone would even think of entrusting Explorer’s Cottage or Raspberry Cottage with their event. I am very sorry, but at this time, the cottages are not accepting any further events, as I would just like to focus on what I do best, which is truly the hospitality aspects in terms of the lodging and grounds. Explorer’s Cottage also was not designed as a venue for events, and it has delicate furniture and fragile objects. A very popular option for guests has been to have their wedding nearby at Andrea Estates (formerly Arkandor) and for the bride and groom parties to stay at Explorer’s Cottage and Raspberry Cottage before and after the wedding. Often, the bridesmaids prepare for the wedding event at Explorer’s Cottage and Raspberry Cottage, attend the ceremony at a nearby church or other location, and host the reception at another location, retiring to Explorer’s Cottage and Raspberry Cottage at the end of the festivities.

MAy I book Explorer’s Cottage and/or Raspberry Cottage for A wedding?

Sharing the wedding moment with the cottages is a dream, and it is also a great honor. At this time, I would just like to focus on what I do best, which is hospitality related to lodging, so the cottages are not accepting any further weddings at this time. I am still new to the hospitality industry, and I would like to first perfect that craft before branching into other areas. Further, the grounds have unusual plants and gardens that are too delicate to accommodate large numbers of guests at this time. There are lovely wedding venues nearby that guests may book wherein the wedding party lodges at Explorer’s Cottage and Raspberry Cottage and holds their pre-wedding photos on the property. Explorer’s Cottage is also a popular location for engagements, wedding nights, honeymoons, and for pre-wedding photography.

Do you rent the first floor suite to Anyone else if we book the upper two floors?

No, I would never rent the first floor suite to anyone else for privacy, as guests have already booked the upper two floors. I created the first floor suite after noticing that many guests travel with large multi-generational families or groups of friends. The first floor suite is meant to provide more space if it is needed by guests who travel in large groups. The cost is included in the guest stay. For guests who do not need the first floor suite, the cost per night is subtracted. Please see the Airbnb listing for details.

Why Did you choose the names 'raspberry cottage' and 'explorer's cottage'?

Raspberry Cottage is named for its location in a water-view forest clearing with a field of about 12 rows of raspberry bushes. Explorer's Cottage is named for the many different environments surrounding the house that can be explored: a boreal forest, a birch forest, a saltwater estuary, and a granite pebble beach. 

What are some Truthful things about the Cottages?

The cottages are in a remote area, and many local caretakers are nearby. The cottages are both located in forest clearings on about 150 acres and so are in the wilderness, while also being reasonably close to both Baddeck (about thirty minutes), North Sydney (about seventeen minutes) and Sydney (about forty-five minutes). The cottages both have electrical heating throughout and do not have air conditioning due to the area climate and location. Different bedding options, such as light cotton blankets, wool blankets, or heavy feather and synthetic duvets, are available, as well as fans.  

What should i bring to the cottages?

Both Raspberry Cottage and Explorer's Cottage are fully furnished and have fresh bed linens and towels for guests during their stay, as well as sulfate and parabin-free liquid soaps, body wash, and shampoo and conditioner. Both cottages have fully stocked, gourmet kitchens with utensils, plates, glasses, common cooking oils and spices, various sugars and flours, coffee beans, a coffee grinder, coffee makers and filters as needed, and cooking equipment. Charcoal grills dot the properties, as well as picnic tables. Portion bags of charcoal are available for guests. Moveable outdoor grills with propane included and fishing polls are also available for use. Both cottages have libraries. It is also possible to borrow binoculars, special outdoor equipment, or a telescope on request.

What is the cleaning schedule for the cottages?

The cottages are cleaned and the bed linens, pillow cases, mattress protectors, duvet or blanket, duvet cover, pillow protectors, and mattress cover are washed and remade after each week stay by a professional team of housekeepers. The cottages are also cleaned each week as part of your stay. Please let us know if you would like cleaning services more often, as this can be included at an extra fee. Please review the cleaning rates on the Airbnb listing sites.

Will My cell phone work?

Explorer’s Cottage does not have cellular service, with the exception of at the top of the driveway and at the deck nearby the water. Yet, both Explorer's Cottage and Raspberry Cottage have wifi service, and you may make calls via a wifi connection. You would need to enable this option on your cellular phone. Please check with your carrier before arriving to identify cellular coverage in the overall area and any extra costs. Raspberry Cottage usually receives weak, though very consistent, cellular signals throughout the property and also has wifi, on which guests may also make wifi enabled calls with their cellular phone. A land line is available at both properties and calls within Canada are included in the cost of the stay.

What type of Sight-seeing is AVAILABLE in the area?

One of the great benefits of Explorer's Cottage is that it is centrally located, with attractions available in different directions away from the cottage, while still offering a true country experience. The cottages have published a Cape Breton guidebook available at the cottages for use by guests. Located about 30 minutes away, the Englishtown Ferry is a chain ferry that provides a quick shortcut to the Cabot Trail. The village of Baddeck is located approximately 35 minutes away. The drive offers scenic lookout stops for photography on Kellys Mountain. Baddeck is the location of the Alexander Graham Bell Museum and Regatta Week, a sailing race. While in Baddeck, the lovely Kidston Island can be accessed via a small, free pontoon "ferry," or by hiring a kayak. There are also a variety of boat tours available, as well as restaurants, shopping, and a grocery store in Baddeck. For golf enthusiasts, Bell Bay Golf and Baddeck Forks Golf Course are in Baddeck. The Margaree River is popular with fly fishing groups, and is about one hour and fifteen minutes away. Lures are available at the cottages. Possible day trips from the cottages include a historical fortress, the Mabou farmer's market, Inverness, and Chéticamp. The Fortress of Louisbourg is located about one hour and fifteen minutes from the cottages. Cabot Links golf course is about one hour and 38 minutes from the cottages.

The Instagram hashtag #CottageRoadtripAdventures has been created by the owner to showcase a variety of near and far roadtrips, some of which can be undertaken as you drive to or from the cottages. Please see the results for this hashtag search on Instagram below and feel free to click on the photos for location and travel details.

What is the Trash collection schedule?

It is extremely important that guests use only the clear blue and “clear clear” bags provided, as the county will not collect any non-see through (opaque) bags, including black bags or grocery store bags. Please place kitchen food scraps in the “clear clear” bags. The county sorts rubbish by hand as part of an extensive recycling program. Please do not use grocery bags for rubbish, as these will not be collected. Please simply place used grocery bags in the blue clear bags for recycling. The cottages are located in an area with trash pick up by the county every Monday between nine and noon. Trash should be left inside on of the wooden bins nearby the road of each cottage. For guests who wish to recycle, please place any recycling in the provided blue clear bags and then place them at the same wooden bins nearby the road. Please close the bin lids. 

How do I get there?

The closest airport is 45 minutes away in Sydney, Nova Scotia. The airport in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is approximately four hours and thirty minutes away by car. 

Please explain Adaptability

Raspberry Cottage has a wheelchair accessible front door, does not have any stairs leading into the first floor, has a concrete ramp into the first floor kitchen, and there is one Queen sized bed on the first floor that does not have stairs to access. There is a small washroom on the first floor. Yet, please note that the only shower and bathtub are on the second floor. The second floor with the remaining three bedrooms does have a mild staircase with about seven wide wooden planks. Raspberry Cottage has a gravel driveway and the surrounding land is grass. The front door of Explorer's Cottage has four stairs with a handrail leading up to the main entrance. The master bedroom is on the first floor and has an ensuite bathroom. We have custom built a wooden wheelchair ramp so that guests with different abilities may access the front entrance. The first floor suite does not have any stairs and has a bathroom on the same floor.

Are the cottages near to each other?

Yes, while the cottages are not visible from the road or to each other, the cottages are conveniently located just across the road. It is possible for large families, groups of vacationing friends, writing workshops, and families traveling together to coordinate bookings at the same time.

WhY do I not see the exact addresses of the cottages?

For the privacy of our guests, the exact address is available when guests go through the reservation process. The map on the "Contact" tab shows an approximate location and provides enough information to plan your stay

The photos below are photos that we have taken on my road trips around eastern Canada and have information that we have thought helpful to you in planning your trip. Some of the road trips are nearby, while others are farther away and could be undertaken on the way to or from the cottages.